To kick things off I could analyze the Viking's preseason performance but there are two problems with that. One, the preseason is crap and completely meaningless to analyze. Two, you have no idea who I am nor why you should care what I think. So I'll use my first post to introduce myself. Then you'll know exactly who I am and exactly why you don't care what I think. Unfortunately, preseason analysis will still remain a waste of time.

I’m not like most Vikings fans in this state. While I did grow up in Minnesota I was not a diehard Vikings fan for most of my life. I wasn’t into sports growing up. I was more concerned with giant transforming robots and defeating Sephiroth than I was with home runs and touchdowns. I grew up a shy, socially awkward geek. (Well, I’m still a shy, socially awkward geek, but now I’m one who enjoys sports.)

Although, I did have a brief stint as a Raiders fan as a kid. (But that was just because Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson was AWESOME!!!)  

It’s kind of sad really. In 1987 and 1991 I was certainly glad to see the Twins win the World Series. But it didn’t mean as much to me as someone who followed the team throughout the season and actually enjoyed watching baseball.

Similarly, the 1998 Vikings season wasn’t as soul crushing for me as for most Vikings fan. I was aware that the Vikings were in the NFC Championship game, but I wasn’t stoked. I did watch most of the game but I missed the ending because I had to go to work. I remember a customer asked me if the Vikings won. I said that I didn’t see how the game ended, but the Vikings were driving within field goal range so things were looking positive. I think we all know that I was very, very wrong.

What changed for me was driving to college. The drive was boring. Listening to Vikings game made the time go by faster. Before I knew it, I was hooked. By 2003 I was watching the Vikings every week and I actually cared whether they won or lost. I also started to hate the Packers and Bears. When the Cardinals “knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs” I was crushed. (Oddly enough, that was a much more painful Vikings memory for me than the ’98 NFC Championship game.)

So here I am. I’ve become a fan of almost all the Minnesota sports teams. If you told me that a mere 8 years ago I would have never believed it.

I’m not the most knowledgeable football fan. I won’t be breaking down 3-4 defenses, nickel packages, or naked boot legs. But I do hope I can bring some common sense analysis and entertain you a little at the same time. But if my analysis is bunk and you’re not entertained then I'm counting on you to leave a comment and let me know.