LAHORE, Pakistan — Torrential monsoon rains lashed many cities and towns across Pakistan before dawn Tuesday, flooding streets and killing six people, as authorities struggled to restore normalcy in rain-affected areas.

The fatalities all occurred in the eastern city of Lahore, where residential areas were flooded, Pakistan's National Disaster Management said.

The downpour — among the heaviest rains in recent decades — paralyzed life in the city and also exposed flaws in its sewer system, which flooded some of the streets in residential areas.

TV forage showed submerged roads and people wading through water.

According to the Meteorological Department, more heavy rains are expected this month.

Every year, many cities and towns in Pakistan struggle to cope with the annual monsoon deluge, drawing criticism about poor planning. Pakistan's monsoon season runs from July through September.

Rains also swell rivers during the monsoon season, causing floods that kill people and damage crops and infrastructure.