• When did you start high school gymnastics? I did club gymnastics until eighth grade, then high school in ninth grade.

• Why the switch? Well, I played soccer, too, and I was told by my club that if I wanted to become a Level 9 gymnast, I would have to make a choice. Soccer wasn't something I wanted to give up.

• Have you qualified for the state tournament? Last year, I made it for floor exercise and in ninth grade I made it for [balance] beam. In my sophomore year, I broke my ankle sledding halfway through the season.

• Is sledding off-limits now? Yes. Every single winter activity is.

• Favorite event: Balance beam. It takes a lot of mental and physical discipline.

• Worst gymnastics accident: I broke my arm in first grade on the high bars. My mom was there and she kind of freaked out, but my dad wanted me to keep going.

• Did that affect your career? I feel like it helped. It was my left arm and it wasn't my strongest. When it healed, it got stronger.

• What do you like most about gymnastics? How it makes you feel when you learn a new skill. You feel amazing and invincible.

• Has being a gymnast helped in other areas? In soccer, whenever I get tripped, I do a somersault instead of falling on my face. And I learned how to do a flip throw-in.