After 45 years of attempting to predict a cantankerous Mother Nature’s moods, here is what I know: The number of people who blame us for bad weather is far greater than those who thank us for the nice days. It never quite evens out.

I may have to unplug the Doppler this afternoon as the mercury tops 70 degrees under a flawless sky. April warmth arrives without the bugs, allergies or humidity, so (in my opinion) it’s even more special. That, and it snowed 10 inches just nine days ago, so we’re due for a little lukewarm payback.

Soak it up, because a frontal boundary sagging south will fire off a few showers and T-storms Sunday; possibly a period of heavier, steadier rain Monday before we dry out. Models hint at another wave of showery rain next weekend, but with luck that will change for the better over time.

In today’s online weather blog: Hurricane Michael was a rare Category 5 hurricane when it hit the Florida Panhandle last October, packing sustained winds of 160 mph — only the fourth Category 5 hurricane on record to hit the U.S.