Another beautiful day out on the river. Had a couple of clients out today Brian and young Ben (age 5). We spent a half day chasing Walleye's and Saugers. The day was a little rainy but over all it wasn't to bad. Young Ben was on a fire he put four 17" Saugers in the boat and one 14.5 Sauger was released. The water temp on the St. Croix is 79 degrees and really starting to warm up. The water is the clearest I have ever seen for this time of season. This is strange because normally in the summer the water would be a lot more stained and the fish would be found in deeper water. The fish being caught are found anywhere from 3 to 24ft. Most being caught in the shallows. Also the fish caught in the shallows are the bigger fish. We are still using jig's with Minnow's or Crawler's, Rigs with Crawler, Leeches and Minnows. The Smallmouth fishing is outstanding early morning it is tough to keep them off your line. Finding them using tubes and poppers and even catching them while dragging a Rig with a Crawler in 8 to 12 feet of water. The Catfish are really starting to come on strong. It is not unusual to catch a Channel cat 5+lbs or even a Flathead catfish weighing upwards of the mid 20lbs.  Starting now I will be sharing some time on the Mississippi pool 2 for some catch and release fun. This is were you can catch a nice trophy Walleye. Last season out on the Mississippi the avg. fish weighed 4.5lbs with a lot of 8,9,10 lb fish being caught. Great Pictures with great stories.

Have a great fishing day and thanks for Playing Hooky !!!


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