The schedule at the Toronto International Film Festival is so grueling that it seems the only way for actors and filmmakers to break through is to release multiple movies. By that criterion, here's some of the top talent at this year's TIFF.
Often cast for his comic abilities, Jesse Eisenberg stars as a young man driven to desperate acts in two TIFF premieres. In "The Double," he's driven to madness by the appearance of a more polished, ambitious and. Ruthless clone of himself. The eco-thriller "Night Moves" casts him, Dakota Faning and Peter Sarsgaard as environmental protesters whose plot to destroy a dam scatters unpredicted collateral damage.
"I feel I get undue credit for performing diverse roles," said Daniel Radcliffe, whose TIFF trifecta puts,memories of his days as a boy wizard far behind him. He plays a young Allen Ginsberg in the real-life murder mystery "Kill Your Darlings," a regular guy who grows forehead antlers in the thriller "Horns," and an awkward romantic comedy leading man in "The F Word," which he says is the closest character to. Himself that he's ever played.
Scarlett Johansson displays her good girl side in "Don John," as a cutie with a braying Noo Yawk accent who sets out to tame playboy Joseph Gordon-Levitt. In the science fiction project "Under the Skin," she's an alien entity in seductive human form who picks up. Drifters for dinner. Literally.
Mia Wasikowska scores a triple play at the 2013 festival. She co-stars in "The Double" as an office worker who falls for both versions of Jesse Eisenberg. In "Tracks," she takes the real-life role of a young adventurer who walked across Australia with her dog. And she's a wild child immortal beside Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton ipin the Jim Jarmusch-directed vampire romance "Only Lovers Left Alive."
Daniel Bruhl, who shot to prominence in "Inglourious Basterds," plays the embattled conscience of WikiLeaks in the opening-night film "The Fifth Estate." In Ron Howard's "Rush," he plays Formula 1 racing legend Niki Lauda, the cold, calculating opposite number of showboat driver James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth.)
Benedict Cumberbatch also had three films. In play this year. In "The Fifth Estate," he's a bleach-blond facsimile  of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. "12 Years a Slave" casts him as a relatively humane plantation owner. And he's in the starry cast of "August: Osage County" as a love struck mourner at a contentious family funeral.
Chiwetel Ejiofor is being touted as a lock for a best actor nomination for his towering performance as freeman turned captive Solomon Northup. He also scored in "Half of a Yellow Sun," an epic romance set in 1960s Nigeria.
Jake Gyllenhaal bats a single and a double with three roles spread over two TIFF titles, both for rising-star Quebec director Denis Villeneuve. In the. Taut kidnapping thriller "Prisoners," he's a hard-charging police detective whose unbroken series of crimes solved may have come to an end. And in the psychological mystery "Enemy" he does double duty as a meek university professor who discovers that his mirror-image, a manipulative B-movie actor, lives nearby.

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