On the theory that it's never too soon for Halloween, the Soap Factory is now selling tickets for its popular "Haunted Basement" performance/installation which runs Oct. 5 - 31. Prepare for masks and mayhem with strobe lights and bizarre olefactory  stimulation. All this in a dank, dark basement. Ten artists have signed on to create scenes and plot-line options under the guidance of director Noah Bremer.

Having done this gig for the past five years, the Soap Factory crew have honed their skills and apparently talked to their lawyers. Thus there are guidelines. Visitors must be over age 18 and must check their bags at the door. Also, no booze, nor high heels or flip flops. Performances involve strobe lights, so no one prone to epileptic seizures should sign on. Other than that, prepare for scary fun. (Tickets are $22 plus a $3 fee. Available on line only at www. soapfactory.org)

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