Percy Harvin had mentioned in recent weeks that doctors felt they had made a breakthrough when it came to his issues with migraine headaches. The Vikings wide receiver, however, declined to get into specifics.

Harvin's problems with migraines were so severe this summer that they kept him out for much of training camp and a medication he was taking to try to combat the problem caused him to collapse on the practice field on Aug. 19 at Winter Park.

Harvin told NBC reporter Andrea Kremer last week before the Vikings-Saints opener that while he was in the hospital after collapsing that doctors found his heart stopped twice for a matter of seconds. That led the medical staff to put Harvin through tests for sleep apnea and sure enough they came back positive.

He was given a device to wear at night that provides him with oxygen and Harvin said today he has not had an issue with migraines since that time. Harvin has battled migraines since he was 10 years old so he's not going to assume the problem is gone but he does sound confident.

“I don’t know if it’s the solution," he said. "I know I’m definitely sleeping a whole lot better. I know one of the main causes of migraines is a lack of sleep so with the tests they were showing that I wasn’t going into a deep sleep. I was always waking up and things like that ... It’s 100 percent difference. I’m not waking up groggy. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go so hopefully that’s it.”

Harvin also said he is off all medications. “It’s great, the best thing ever," he said. "Hopefully, this sleep thing will be the No. 1 key and like I said I’m feeling great.”


  • The Vikings went through a light practice today and will be off Tuesday before beginning practice Wednesday to get ready for Sunday's game against Miami.
  • The Vikings are expected to wear their throwback uniforms Sunday as they open their 50th season at home.
  • The Vikings are expected to bring in four veteran free agent wide receivers (Sam Aiken, Reggie Brown, Ruvell Martin and Demetrius Williams) for a look on Tuesday. Coach Brad Childress, though, did not make it sound like any would be signed immediately. "We actually had those shaped up in the middle of last week," Childress said of the workouts. "It's a thing that we do every week. We usually bring people in to try to get a look at them. We've had numbers of people through here to look at, whether it's the offensive line, whether's it's in the secondary. We'll bring guys in I think tonight for a workout tomorrow. What it does is it gives us a mind's eye picture of what those guys look like should we require somebody down the road. And it's just not wide receiver might I add. It's not the only people that are coming in here." Childress said he remains "completely comfortable" going with four wide receivers.
  • Cornerback Chris Cook returned to practice today for the first time since tearing the meniscus in his right knee in the third preseason game against Seattle. "He doesn’t look completely comfortable," Childress said. "As always it will be to see how he comes back in and treats and how he shows back up tomorrow. But he did some football specific stuff today out in the grass in individual.”

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