AP photo: Alex Brandon

Colin Hanks has signed on to costar in the FX cable network's reboot of "Fargo," executive produced by Joel and Ethan Coen. It's a move that might stir a bit of envy from his dad.

While in Chicago Wednesday publicizing "Captain Phillips," the piracy drama opening Oct. 11, Tom Hanks reminisced about playing a mad southern criminal with the glib tongue of a poet in the Coens' 2004 comedy "The Ladykillers." It was exhausting fun to play a character who unspools reams of florid dialog, he said, though he found himself envying his costars, who merely had to go through the motions of doing something silently in the background while he fillibustered his way through take after take.

Hanks praised the Coen's Minneapolis-lensed  "A Serious Man," declaring he'd love to work with them again. But after their only film together -- not a success -- it hasn't come up, he said. 

"Joel came to see the play I did in New York," the late Nora Ephron's "Lucky Guy," which earned Hanks his first Tony nomination.

"When he came backstage, I said, "What did I do? C'mon! Let me back. I want to come back in! I was in the ensemble company -- for one movie. Let me back!' Have you seen their new movie ['Inside Llewyn Davis'] about the folk singer? I could do that. I could fake my way through the same five guitar chords everyone else can."

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