A month after 35 charges of animal cruelty against Lowell Friday were dismissed, the rancher whose property is spread across East Bethel and Ham Lake is still searching for a place to raise horses.

The Ham Lake council last week rejected Friday's request to have the East Bethel portion of his property-- which includes facilities needed to raise horses -- annexed to Ham Lake. Last May, East Bethel denied Friday, 73, a land permit for his horses.

"He made the assumption that his Ham Lake property would be zoned agriculture and he would be free of the regulations East Bethel has," said Ham Lake City Attorney Bill Dorn.

The council differed, saying buildings on the property appeared "dangerous ... and in need of demolition."

Authorities seized 17 malnourished horses from Friday's property in 2011, but an Anoka County judge dismissed the case, saying searches of the property were done illegally. The seized horses will not be returned to Friday.