Independence Party candidate Rob Hahn Friday announced a new "no-frills" ad campaign for the final days before the primary, and urged his primary opponent Tom Horner to release a list of his former clients.

Hahn said about two dozen spots will air on cable T.V. Sunday and Monday and cost less than $5,000.

Labeled "Leadership and Honesty," the ad features Hahn talking about how he dealt with a restraining order that his ex-wife got against him. "I talked about it openly on the steps of the Capitol earlier this year long before it ever made headline news," he says.

At a Capitol rally last March, Hahn described the marital dispute as a "verbal row that, unfortunately, escalated into something a little more."

In a court record of the restraining order, Hahn's then-wife wrote that he pushed her against a wall, screamed at her, put her in a choke hold and broke a phone when she tried to call for help.

In challenging endorsed Independence Party candidate Horner to divulge his former clients at a public relations firm, Hahn said, "I think the relationships he has forged over the years in the business world could potentially impact him greatly on how he governs."

Horner noted that he has sold his interests in the public relations firm and said he won't deal again with his fomer clients.

"What's important  is do you have the potential to benefit now from existing client relationships?" Horner asked. "I don't have any existing relationships, therefore I have no direct benefit."



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