Believe it or not, a bad review of Guy Fieri’s restaurant in the New York Times did not affect its popularity with people who really don’t care if the Grey Lady disapproves of their choices. The video isn't embedding - Yahoo, I'm not looking at you, to coin a phrase - so go here

What? you say. A review was irrelevant to the judgments of satisfied diners? I know, it’s odd, but people like that actually exist. I mean, when it comes to a fun Times-Square carnivorous gustatory overload experience, who would you trust, the critic or the cook?

NOV 23 What a coincidence: in time for the 50th anniversary of the JFK murder, some old photos of Dealy Plaza are revealed. The man who took them is dead, but his daughter discovered them in his possessions. This makes some people blanche:

In 2005, my father passed away. As we were going through his possessions, I didn’t want all his old slides at first, because I worried it might be some giant burden and I’d never look at them again. But I took them, anyway.

Oh, no: a giant burden consisting of irreplaceable imagers that might add to the historical record. Put them in the sea.

The pictures are here. Jesse Ventura probably thinks they’re fake.

MY GOD IT’S FULL OF GIFS Slow down your browser to the pace of a 1995 version of Netscape with this page of GIFs from i09.

ART Lady Gaga’s latest album cover is a collaboration with with Jeff Koons, who’s the Warhol of our time without Andy’s exacting technical skills. (Kidding. Sort of.) Here it is is:

That’s a plastic casting of Ga, and they cracked up Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” in the back. Okay.  FastCo asked some artist to critique it. Question of the Day:

In an effort to get people to actually buy the physical album instead of just downloading it, the first half-million physical copies sold won't have a flat image cover. Instead, "Lady Gaga" will be pasted on, in hot pink metallic foil, and the word ARTPOP will appear in silver. Does this have potential to turn into a collector's item?

SS: That depends 100% on the quality of the music. If the album is epoch-making and genre-changing, then yes, this will become an icon.

Pay attention to how this plays out, because if a new Epoch is indeed made, you’ll want to know why. It’s embarrassing to ask. Excuse me, but I have the nagging suspicion that genres have been changed and we’re in a fresh epoch, but I can’t quite put my finger on the reason. Lady Gaga didn’t release an album pasted with metallic foil, did she?”

VIDEO Some may complain about OSHA rules, and yes they can be onerous and stupid. On the other hand, they’re intended to keep things like this from happening.

Then again, if this was taken in the US, it shows that having a rule doesn’t mean people follow it.

YUM Pearson’s is using Instagram videos to call attention to its website. 

Lots more here. It doesn’t make me want to go to the website OR try the candy. And it really takes a lot to overcome my natural desire to eat a Salted Nut Roll every day. (Via the Mpls Egotist.)

Then again, maybe that’s by design. Today’s YOU THERE bossy-pants headline: “Instagram Is Spoiling Your Dinner.” Instagram has never spoiled my dinner. So I know right away that the article is nonsense and can be skipped without missing anything. But I read on just to see how wrong they were; turns out that Studies indicate that looking at food pictures on Instagram depresses your appetite. Really. Hey, you look good, you lost some weight? What’s your secret? “Oh, I’ve been been studying images of entrees run through a saturation filter.”

That's it for this week; hope you got outside today, or can come up with a reason to leave work early. It's spectacular. And we'll pay for it with curses in May.