Photo originally published July 11, 1988

When the Guthrie Theater debuted Barbara Field's adaptation of "Frankenstein" at Northfield's St. Olaf College in January 1988, it wasn't exactly given a warm welcome. And it had nothing to do with the subzero temperatures.

But fast-forward six months, 70 cities and 114 performances, "Frankenstein — Playing With Fire" returned home to the Guthrie after its nationwide tour a considerably different show. Star Tribune critic Mike Steele said the production "has grown in scale, stature and theatrical effectiveness. It's now both intellectually engrossing and strikingly human, and it's chillingly good theater."

Field's 1988 adaptation began where Mary Shelley's novel left off, with a final confrontation between Victor Frankenstein and the creature. As pictured, John Carroll Lynch played the creature; Curzon Dobell was Victor. (Both actors now have long lists of stage, film and television credits to their names.)

If it seems like you just saw "Frankenstein" at the Guthrie, you just might have. The theater brought Field's forward-thinking play back in 2018, which happened to be the 200th anniversary of Shelley's novel.

Nicole Hvidsten