Newbie has had a series of comments lately that made us laugh out loud. As such, we broke out an old feature, made an executive decision and handed him the Commenter Of the Week and the guest posting responsibility that goes with it. He decided to do a Q&A with himself, which makes us wonder if he is really more than one commenter. In any event, Newbie?




I can’t believe Mr. RandBall gave me a guest post.  Especially after some of the stories I heard from the RBBH about him and Rocket in their youth.  But they will be far funnier from Rocket, so I will just implore him to share some more.
Q: You have gone to a Twins game with Michael Rand, is he fun to hang out with?
A: Sure.
Q: Did you follow the fight he and Gleeman had on Twitter this morning?
A: I did. [Proprietor note: It would have been even funnier if we had used all the witty rejoinders we burned away while jogging off our furious rage. Ah, just kidding. Gleeman's a good guy].

Q: Can you elaborate?
A: I'm sorry.  You should try asking more open-ended questions.

Q: Fine, your son (pictured) is cute; has he gotten into sports yet?
A: Thanks.  Well he is only 15 months but he loves to try and throw a ball and carry his Twins bat around.  But he also throws my phone and carries around the dog toys.  So, it may not be sports specific.  He also enjoys the end of Mario Kart 64.  He watches intently until the fish spits the trophy, then he claps and cheers.

Q: Did you give him that Sonny Bono visits Scooby Doo haircut?
A: I did, but he was squirming a lot.  He was supposed to look like Cher from that episode.

Q: If you had to pick a Friends character to describe Randball Commenters, who would it be?
A: Chandler, except for Clarence -- he would be Marcel the monkey.  He seems most likely to leave droppings in your hat, plus his love for "In the Jungle."

Q: Speaking of, is it true that you created a Facebook account under the name "Clarence Swamptown" just so Rand and Stu would be friends with you?
A: I don't know anything about that.  And even if I did, it's not like Clarence knows where Facebook even is.
Q: Did you know the one year anniversary of the server switch is coming up?  Should Randball do anything to celebrate?
A: Aside from switching back?  No.
Q: You’ve made mention of your concern for the Women’s World Cup. Are you still following it?
A: Me?  No.  I don’t really care.  But I have noticed the stands are empty, and think they should have it at the same time and same place as the Men’s event.  It works for tennis.

Q: Commenter Fasolamatt's Twitter notes that many of the places he frequents are near Cleveland Ave in St. Paul.  Are you concerned he is confused that the Indians represent the street and not the city in Ohio?
A: Wow.  I don't know where you got that information, but yes.
Q: Is it true you and Hootie invited Mr. Randball to a game last year with the intent to hit him with a bobblehead and then keep him in a jar in your basement and ghostwrite his blog?
A: I... that's... wha...? ...this interview is over... it's over!


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