Grinnell's Jack Taylor is at it again, which we mean in both a good and a bad way.


It's impressive at any level, against any competition, we suppose, to score 100 points in a regulation basketball game. But just as we wrote a year ago when Taylor broke the NCAA record by scoring 138 points against Faith Baptist Bible, his 109-point game Sunday against Crossroads College (located in Rochester, Minn.) is a little hollow and sad.

Looking again at the video footage, it looks like a pickup game.

Crossroads is 0-9 this season and doesn't exactly play the world's greatest schedule, even for Division III. Grinnell allowed Crossroads to shoot 73.8 percent from the field. One Crossroads player had 50 points (on 25 of 27 shooting) to go with 17 rebounds.

Is that basketball or a stunt?

It sure seems like Grinnell and Taylor look for opportunities for publicity against weak opponents. It got them on SportsCenter, so it worked.

And at least Taylor got two assists this time ... in his 138-point game, he had zero.

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