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Greg Stanley is an environmental reporter for the Star Tribune. He has previously covered water issues, development and politics in Florida’s Everglades and in northern Illinois.

Stanley is a native of Milwaukee and loves the outdoors. He graduated from St. Norbert College with a degree in English.
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A lone pine tree survived the plowing of this field south of Park Rapids, Minn., seen in a Jan. 28, 2015 photo. The mixed pine forests of central Minn

Minnesota's battle over wells, water and nitrates lands in one farmer's back yard

The DNR wants a study of vulnerable groundwater in Pineland Sands region.
PolyMet Mine in Hoyt Lakes, Minn. has been mired in a permitting battle for over eight years and the issue has become politicized in the state and par

PolyMet appeals ruling that blocked its mining permits

Mining company says the appellate ruling issued Monday could create an "endless loop" of review.
This year notwithstanding, Minnesota is getting less snow at the beginning of winter and more in April.

Climate change becomes another wild card in Minnesota winters

Much as rising temps and extra moisture have caused heavier rains in the summer, climatologists say they're causing more winter weather extremes too.
A seagull is mirrored in a thin layer of ice at lake Maschsee in Hannover, Germany, Monday Jan. 25, 2016. (Julian Stratenschulte/dpa via AP)

Why do inland cities like St. Paul have so many seagulls?

In the Midway neighborhood of St. Paul — more than a thousand miles from any sea, more than a hundred miles from a Great Lake and a few miles from the Mississippi River — seagulls gather in large numbers.
In 2015, Jim Northrup (center in green shirt) Todd Thompson (left with white headband) and Leonard Thompson (right with blue headband) talk with conse

Appeals court sides with Minnesota in Chippewa netting treaty case

The fight over tribal fishing rights could end up at the state Supreme Court.
Pedestrians came out to view the flooding at Harriet Island Regional Park in St. Paul and the flowing Mississippi River on March, 26, 2019.

Buying up floodplains could save billions, researchers say

In places where land is relatively cheap and the population is expected to grow rapidly, such as St. Louis County and central Minnesota around the Mississippi headwaters, the savings would be far greater — up to five times more — than allowing that land to be developed.
White-nose syndrome was discovered in Minnesota in 2015. Since then, the disease is believed to have killed more than 90% of bats in important hiberna

Facing a bleak outlook, Minnesota bat researchers give up on annual count

As fungus takes hold, researchers try a new tack: Leaving the bats alone.
Gov. Tim Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan held a press conference in March to announce major energy and climate policy initiatives. Walz announced Mon

Walz announces climate change subcabinet

It will be tasked to catch state up to emission targets.
Children played with Beyblades in New York. The Minnesota Department of Commerce will ban certain knockoffs of the popular spinning battle toys.

Minnesota bans some 'spinning battle' toys for excessive lead

State investigators found 15 knockoff "spinning battle'' toys can be toxic to children.
The St. Croix River.

Minnesota says pollution rules would 'kneecap' water protections

Minnesota regulators say proposal would trample their enforcement rights.
Allan Lotsberg

Allan Lotsberg, Minneapolis actor who played Willie Ketchem, has died

Allan Lotsberg, who played the beloved sidekick Willie Ketchem for years on WCCO-TV's "Clancy and Willie," died Nov. 7 at age 87.The affable local actor…
Jessica Hartshorn, a forester with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, points out a dead larch beetle under the bark of a tamarack tree in

DNR speeds up tamarack timber auctions as beetle decimates state's stands

If the mature tamaracks can be cleared before they are overwhelmed by the eastern larch beetle, younger saplings and other tree species can start to grow up to replace them.
Water Gremlin employees made their way into the lot as its doors reopened for production after being shut down for more than a week over lead concerns

Minnesota's showdown with Water Gremlin intensifies

As cleanup of lead contamination continues, regulators accuse manufacturer of multiple pollution violations.
A petition to ban lead in fishing tackle and hunters’ ammunition has been rejected by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), with offi

Minnesota won't ban lead ammunition, tackle for now

DNR commissioner says it's an issue best left for the Legislature.
Lead jigs can poi­son loons that mis­take them for peb­bles.

Minnesota is asked to ban lead in ammunition, fishing tackle

Fishing tackle is targeted, too, in campaign to protect loons and other wildlife.
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is seeking a federal grant to monitor for airborne PFAS at a handful of sites across the state.

Minnesota to test air for harmful PFAS pollutants

MPCA scientists believe harmful PFAS compounds may be airborne.
Gov. Tim Walz spoke at a news conference Wednesday about his plan to have Minnesota adopt California stricter auto emissions standards.

Minnesota to adopt stricter emissions standards for vehicles

Minnesota would be the 15th state to move in such a direction, following the lead of California, which is now in a fight with the White House.
Jeff Whitty, University of Minnesota researcher, took a stunned carp from the Mississippi near Genoa, Wis. It would later be implanted with a transmit

Can a $1 million light-and-sound show stop invasive carp?

Barrier of underwater strobe lights and sound, invented at the U, may be final chance to flush invasive fish from Minnesota's waters.
Javier Sanmiguel with his wife and three of four children.

911 calls show frantic moments when good Samaritan was shot in St. Paul

Victim's wife learned her husband had been shot as she talked to dispatcher.

Police find human remains in the woods of northern Minnesota

The body has not been identified.

Police crack down after string of brutal robberies in downtown Minneapolis

Groups targeted victims who were distracted or alone, often for phones.
John W. Webb

John W. Webb, author of groundbreaking geography textbook, dies at age 93

John W. Webb was 13 years old, growing up just west of London, when World War II broke out.At night, during the air raids, he…
The mower, now being development, is solar powered to combat climate change.

Minnesota teams look to have 'cowbot' ready for a pasture next summer

University of Minnesota team, Toro researchers are developing a robotic mower for farmers.
Sarah Stewart, from left, April Strzelczyk and Elena West sent up a camera to check on a nest of redheaded woodpeckers.

Anoka County oaks may hold clues to saving redheaded woodpeckers

Oak savannas may hold clues to saving the redheaded woodpecker.
A monarch butterfly rests on vegetation at Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul.

As monarch butterflies vanish, U investigates road salt as culprit — and cure

Too much sodium is toxic for butterflies and can delay or hinder their muscle development. But smaller amounts may prove beneficial.
Neighbors concerned about pollution from the Water Gremlin plant in White Bear Township demonstrated outside MPCA headquarters Thursday.

MPCA sued by residents over Water Gremlin violations

White Bear Township neighbors argue that the MPCA has refused to release public records regarding the company's emissions.
There were once an estimated 15 million sturgeon in the Great Lakes alone.

Minnesota's ancient lake sturgeon could get endangered species protections

Listing fish as endangered could test new rules.
Zebra mussels are a concern because they can compete with native species for food and habitat, cut the feet of swimmers, reduce the performance of boa

Zebra mussel mystery: How did they get into a northern Minnesota mine pit?

The Rouchleau Mine Pit in Virginia, Minn., is closed to the public and its waters have seen little, if any, activity, officials say.
In 2009, Meryl Miller, 89, walked past her prized flowers and the dug up lawn that contractors for the EPA are removing because of arsenic contaminati

EPA says cleanup of arsenic-laced Minneapolis Superfund site is mostly complete

The East Phillips neighborhood has been cleared of arsenic that had contaminated soil.
Beth Holbrook retrieves a cisco from a net the biologists set to determine the depth where the fish live.

As lakes warm, race is on to save Minnesota's cold-water fish

As lakes warm, scientists hope to nurture refuge waters for tiny cisco, a key food for game fish
Two Edina boys pull monster sturgeon out of Minnehaha Creek

Two Edina boys pull monster sturgeon out of Minnehaha Creek

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants to know how a sturgeon, especially such a large and old one, ever get into that creek.
Keegan Lund, an aquatic invasive species specialist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, held up the shell of a native mussel covered i

Scientists map zebra mussel genome; now to cripple them

University of Minnesota breakthrough could produce new ways to battle the destructive mussel.
The state’s higher boater registration fees will fund a popular grant program for local lake associations to fight invasive species.

Increased Minnesota boat fees will pay for lake grants to fight invasive species

It's the first increase on a special surcharge for invasive species management in more than 20 years.
An estimated 50-inch lake sturgeon from 2016, with DNR volunteer Kayla Stampfle in Falcon Heights.

Minnesota sturgeon returning to ancient spawning grounds as dams are removed

Fish that have been cut off from some areas for decades are starting to return.
Nearly 100 aging, polluting diesel trucks could be taken off Minnesota’s roads over the next year as the state helps pick up the tab for replacing t

Minnesota will use VW settlement cash to get polluting diesel vehicles off the road

The MPCA will use nearly $4 million to pay businesses, cities and nonprofits to replace old diesel trucks with those that have cleaner-burning diesel engines.
Jonathan David Chapman

Photographer Jonathan Chapman, who saw beauty and developed talent, dies at 46

The last time Jessica Racer saw her father, Jonathan Chapman, they were at her brother’s baseball game. It was Father’s Day. Beyond the field stood…
MPCA environmental analyst Jeff Karen displayed some of the testing equipment in the St. Paul office.

Wildfires, lack of rain pose threat to Minnesota's air quality

Smoke from Canada could be especially bad this year.

Air pollution implicated in up to 4,000 Minnesota deaths a year

State researchers say risk is rural as well as urban.
Somali Museum Dance Troupe members, including Rami Mouhoumed, center, perform the Somali dance called Dhanto.

Somalia beckons back those who left, ambassador says in Mpls.

Ambassador Ahmed Isse Awad says skilled workers and investment are needed for country's "rebirth."
While loon populations are relatively healthy in Minnesota, they’re threatened by habitat loss as well as lead and mercury poisoning

State approves $4M to build National Loon Center in Crosslake

The center will need to raise $6 million before construction can begin.
A bee lands on a dandelion at a research lawn on the University of Minnesota’s St. Paul campus. A new state fund aims to convert lawns to bee-friend

Program to pay Minnesota home owners to let lawn go to bees

Lawmakers set aside $900,000 for pollinators, plus money for nongame wildlife fund.

PolyMet Mining, DNR win a round with Minnesota appeals court ruling

Judgement settles one legal challenge to state's first copper-nickel mine.
University of Minnesota assistant Prof. Jacob Jungers checked the growth of Kernza wheat grass at a field on the U’s St. Paul campus. As a perennial

Novel crops can save rural Minn. drinking water, U scientists say

An experiment would give farmers a new cash crop while requiring less fertilizer near wells.
Emergency crews looked over a vehicle involved in an accident on East Lake St. in Minneapolis on Sunday night. ] CARLOS GONZALEZ • cgonzalez@startri

Two injured after car crashes into Minneapolis bus shelter

A car crashed into a Minneapolis bus shelter Sunday night, injuring two people who were waiting inside. Both were taken to HCMC, with one in…
University of Minnesota scientist Kate Brauman says environmental threats are evident “right here at home — the benefits, the problems, the soluti

'People really do care,' says Minnesota researcher who helped write U.N. report on species extinction

U researcher Kate Brauman says the report also holds possible solutions.
Anglers hit the Rainy River as walleye spawn in spring. But this year, for the first time, the DNR imposed catch-and-release rules on the border river

Part 1: Along the Rainy River, ice and walleyes signal changing climate

Around the world, climate change is forcing people to revamp the way they fight wildfires and nurture their crops. In Minnesota, the same forces are changing the state's response to spring floods, the way foresters choose trees for timber and which lakefronts can have summer cabins.
Farmer Chris Gamer is pushing a plan to get the Midwest off of its reliance on corn and soybeans by introducing hearty hazelnuts as a cash crop.

Scientists breed hazelnuts as the next cash crop for Midwest farmers

After years of effort, scientists are closing in on the perfect hazelnut to help farmers and protect lakes.
Lewis Duckett

Minnesota vet Lewis Duckett, who spend a lifetime teaching, learning dies at 95

According to his wife: "One day he turned to me and he just said, 'You know? I've had a wonderful life.' "
The emerald ash borer has been discovered in Stearns County, meaning it continues to spread northward across Minnesota, despite the winter's extreme c

Ash borer found in Stearns County, continuing a destructive spread despite Minnesota's cold spell

The tree-killing beetle was found 50 miles northwest of what was thought to be the edge of the infestation.
In 2017, Minnesota researchers were netting and tracking bats in the hopes of fending off the effects of white-nose syndrome.

Grim new tally places many Minnesota bats at the brink of extinction

In just four years, white-nose syndrome has decimated four types of hibernating bats.
The upper Mississippi River between its headwaters in Itasca State Park and Bemidji. A new restoration plan aims to prevent costly future cleanup in t

Increasing pollution sparks plan to restore Mississippi River headwaters

Protecting the Mississippi less costly than future cleanup.
A former iron ore processing plant near Hoyt Lakes, Minn., would be used by PolyMet as part of a planned copper-nickel mining operation.

PolyMet receives last major permit to begin mining in northeast Minn.

Decision marks milestone for copper-nickel mine; opponents weigh lawsuit.
A bumblebee in Susan Damon’s pollinator-friendly in St. Paul in 2014.

Pollinator-friendly yards could get help from the state of Minnesota

Legislature considers subsidies for homeowners who convert lawns to clover and wildflowers.
A harvester blows out chaff as it loads sugar cane into a cane cart.

'Wicked problems' mean 'sustainably' produced food may not always be so, U research finding

U researchers examined environmental standards for producing sugar.
Sarah Strommen, 46, is the first woman to be appointed Minnesota’s DNR commissioner.

Minnesota's new DNR commissioner: Cool hand for a hot seat

Sarah Strommen brings a heavyweight résumé and a folksy touch to the high-profile job often under fire.
Hundreds of thousands of acres of grasslands and wild habitat in the Upper Midwest have been plowed up to plant corn and soybeans in the last decade b

Researchers: Biofuels mandate may cause more harm than good with plowed-up land

Researchers say higher demand for corn and soybeans has hurt the environment.
Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan

Walz signs bonding bill that may resolve environmental funding dispute

A lawsuit had been brought by environmental groups over what they said was a raid on a state conservation trust fund.
Eagle sightings, once newsworthy, are now common.

Tax donations for Minnesota wildlife fund are falling despite program successes

Fewer Minnesotans give to program that helped saved state's bald eagles.

Firefighters corral thousands of gallons of nitric acid after Minneapolis industrial park spill

Spill at Hawkins was kept from reaching Mississippi.
The major new assessment is by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Red River increasingly polluted by sediment, bacteria and farm chemicals

A report by Minnesota regulators finds that water quality has been dropping as ag drainage increases.
White-tailed deer.

Deer with chronic wasting disease found near Brainerd

Discovered near Brainerd; Walz proposes $4.5M fix.
The proposed location for the Gold Line's Maplewood stop is between 3M and the freeway on a one-way frontage road that runs between Century Avenue and

Maplewood considers pedestrian bridge over I-94 near 3M for Gold Line bus access

The site for the city's rapid transit stop was selected primarily to serve the 3M campus and its roughly 12,000 employees.

Little Canada lands new BIX Produce headquarters with $190K incentive package

Suburb has signed a deal to bring a longtime St. Paul food processor to the city.

Controlled burns will fight buckthorn at Battle Creek Regional Park

Controlled burns are key tool for managing the invasive plant.
Roseville Police Chief Rick Mathwig, shown in December.

Roseville crime rate continues to climb even as Minn. sees decreases

Police seek more officers to stem the surge while statewide stats decline.
Inside the Vadnais Sports Center, athletes worked on their soccer skills.

Ramsey County Board commits to rebuilding Vadnais Sports Center dome

Ramsey County to replace collapsed structure at Vadnais Sports Center.
The scene where two pedestrians were struck and killed on Larpenteur Avenue and Woodbridge Street on the St. Paul/Roseville, MN border, Friday, Januar

Pedestrian deaths on Larpenteur Avenue have Ramsey County looking at options to slow traffic

Along with the county, St. Paul, Roseville and Maplewood have roles, resulting in a mesh of four different authorities having to weigh in.
AECOM envisions three towers overlooking St. Paul's waterfront that would include apartments, a hotel and condos and office space. Plans also call for

Ramsey County approves 6-month due diligence period with St. Paul riverfront developer

Deal creates plan to gauge progress on riverfront towers development.
Roseville Fire Department Firefighter Dan Concha made his way off of a fire truck after a medical call in November.

Roseville fire officials ask for up to $1 million to fill coverage gaps

Chief Tim O'Neill says his department is not equipped to handle multiple fires at once.
New Brighton Mayor Valerie Johnson, center.

New Brighton Mayor Valerie Johnson pleads guilty to DWI

Johnson apologized to city staff members and residents, saying she was reckless and will accept the consequences.
New Brighton Mayor Valerie Johnson, center.

New Brighton Mayor Valerie Johnson pleads guilty to DWI

Johnson apologized to city staff members and residents, saying she was reckless and will accept the consequences.
Ramsey County Commissioner Blake Huffman’s housing nonprofit is behind again on property taxes and also owes three contractors more than $160,000, a

Nonprofit run by Ramsey County commissioner owes more than $160K, contractors say

Blake Huffman says he's winding down Journey Home Minnesota.
Colder Products Co., shown in 2002. The company wants to consolidate nearly 400 employees from three facilities around the St. Anthony Park neighborho

Roseville to offer $3 million in tax breaks to lure St. Paul manufacturer

St. Paul manufacturer wants to consolidate 388 workers at a new HQ.
For the first time, vehicles are producing more of the heat-trapping pollutants than power plants, according to a new report by the Minnesota Pollutio

Progress on greenhouse gas emissions, but not quite what Minnesota hoped

Report shows power plants made biggest cuts.
All but one Ramsey County golf course — the nine-hole Ponds at Battle Creek — has been returning an operating profit, a just-completed study showe

Study: Two of Ramsey County's golf courses need millions in upgrades

Irrigation and drainage systems need to be replaced at the Manitou Ridge and Goodrich golf courses, in White Bear Lake and Maplewood.