December means anticipation for many things. For interior decorators and those who wish their interiors looked professionally decorated, it's the month when Pantone reveals the "breakthrough" color that it has decreed the "color of the year."


Drum roll: For 2013, that color is emerald -- Pantone 17-5641, to be exact.

It's described as a "sophisticated and luxurious green" by the Danish design firm, Room Copenhagen, whose first product with the color is a white cup ("whipped cream white," if you're paying attention) wrapped in a silicone band in Patone's particular green.

This is how Pantone describes the color: “Emerald is the color of balance and harmony, enhancing one’s sense of well-being and inspiring insight and clarity.”


Nice when a single color does all the heavy lifting.

So, what do you think? Personally, I like a green with a little more depth -- the forest and moss greens of the world. That shade probably is not especially good for clarity, however. All shadows and moodiness.

How would you use this color? Do you like it? Or has your anticipation for 2014 already begun?