We've been out testing out the boat, sonar, and getting a feel for the lakes.  When doing that panfishing helps keep you going.  And if you are out there pay attention to the activity of all the fish.  
Right now the pan fish are starting to turn on pretty good in the shallows.  We have been catching lots of crappies and Sunnies.  Watch the weather, if it is warm for a few days in a row, the panfish move to the shallows preparing to spawn.  They will be in as shallow as 2-3 ft of water.  When they start spawning look for the pattern of spawning beds that look like a honeycomb.  Remember these spots, they will be around these areas all year round.  
Try pitching a jig with a minnow, piece of worm or plastic tail.  Take kids and use a bobber, just putting the hook or jig with bait a foot below itand toss it to the weed edges works great.   When they are spooky or negative, try a plain hook (maybe try a red one) with a little minnow and let it do the work.

If you have a hard time finding them in the shallows, look a little deeper, right in front of the shallows you had been seeing them.  
This bite will just get better and the fish will get into even bigger schools as they move to the shallows getting ready to spawn.  You'll find them easy, watch for the action on the surface.  
Remember to get the kids out, this is a perfect bite for kids and easy fishing.  
We also have a great Lake Superior Charter that's still got some openings, so if you want the best chance you can at some salmon and lake trout, now's the time to get on the books.  I am definitely going to get in on some of that big Lake Trout.

Good fishing. 
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