Satruday finally came and now has went.  Over all it was a good day, once I got boat back on trailer and put the plug in....   After the plug incident, club tourney partner Rick and I were fishing by 7am, early morning water temps were around 59 degrees.  I started out throwing a 5" Optimum BLT Swimbait, I caught one decent fish on that and Rick picked one up on a spinnerbait.

My 3rd fish came on a 3/8oz jig, pictured below.  Weighed 4lbs 3oz on my new handheld scale. Quite obvious she was still beautiful, fat and pre-spawn.

We kept hunting and pecking around, picking up a few fish here and there. Saw a few fish cruising and a few on beds, I did catch one of a bed, just to get a little practice in case some are still there during next week's tournament, I caught a 3-5 of a bed just to prove I could, the rest I kind of left alone.

We had lulls and stretches of good fishing, fish did seem to be grouped a little.  I caught good fish tubes and ring frys as well.  All in all, we caught about 20 fish or so and I capped the 5 hour day off with the 4-11 beauty below.

All in all a pretty good day, would've been fun to stay out for a few more hours, either way I feel good about next weekend's tournament.  I hope to get out tomorrow morning as well.  How did the rest of my fellow Minnesotans do this weekend?

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