Scattered throughout this summer's blog items, I did a Gophers basketball summer series on each of the players on the roster [with the exception of the two international freshmen -- Bakary Konate and Gaston Diediou -- who aren't on campus yet].

Did you miss it? Here they are again:

*Carlos Morris, JUCO guard transfer:
Tidbit: The junior-to-be is eating six meals a day as he tries to add bulk. 
Quote: "He's the type of kid that just didn't value waking up every day, eating a full breakfast, having a balance to him. And I think that's the biggest [change]."

*Zach Lofton, Illinois State transfer guard:
Tidbit: The rising junior shot just 33.9% from the field and 29.2% from 3-point range but the coaching staff swears there's a great shooter underneath. After watching tape of every single one of his shots, asst. Dan McHale found a huge portion of the attempts were highly contested.
Quote: "He's got a beautiful-looking jumper. It's just learning how to play."

*Nate Mason, freshman guard:
Tidbit: McHale says Mason is a raw blend of senior guards Andre Hollins and DeAndre Mathieu.
Quote: "I can already tell -- he just tries to emulate what they do."

*Josh Martin, freshman forward:
Tidbit: The Gophers staff believe Martin could challenge power forward starting favorite and pal Joey King for the spot.
Quote: "He's got such great upside because he's as athletic as can be."

*Andre Hollins, senior guard:
Tidbit: Hollins is doing yoga and taking ice baths to help ease his old ankle injury; on the court, he's pulling 90-pound plates on sleds to work on his explosiveness.
Quote: "I think he's the Andre Hollins that the fans remember from a while ago right now. He has a bounce back in his game; he's healthy."

*Charles Buggs, redshirt sophomore:
Tidbit: Buggs had a minor knee surgery in April which significantly slowed his progress this summer.
Quote: "He's the type of kid that showed flashes. If the lightbulb goes on, he's an extremely talented player."

*DeAndre Mathieu, senior guard:
Tidbit: This summer, Mathieu is working on three things: adding weight, shooting and not showing his emotions on the floor.
Quote: "He looks like Mike Tyson. Pound for pound, he's our strongest kid."

*Daquein McNeil, sophomore guard:
Tidbit: McNeil might be the best defensive player on the current team, McHale says.
Quote: "He's the type of guy that could take the biggest jump."

*Mo Walker, senior center:
Tidbit: Walker's strength levels have been going up weekly throughout the summer, strength and conditioning coach Shaun Brown said.
Quote: "There's no reason he shouldn't be one of the best big men in the league if not a first team All-Big Ten guy next year."

*Elliott Eliason, senior center:
Tidbit: Eliason is working on an 8-to-10-foot jumper the coaches believe will surprise some people.
Quote: "He has to understand what makes him valuable ... He's never going to be a physically chiseled beat-you-up type of guy. The way Elliott is effective is he can out-run anyone in the league and he's got a long wingspan."

*Joey King, junior forward:
Tidbit: King is working on his lateral quickness and has increased his vertical despite adding 20 pounds in the last year.
Quote: "He would dive off the stage of the Barn if you asked him to."

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