Republican leaders gleefully greeted news of DFL plans to repeal one of the state's newest taxes during the Legislature's upcoming special session.

Call it a Democratic "do-over," said House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt in response to news that Gov. Mark Dayton would like to repeal a new farm equipment tax.

“Just one month after Democrats’ new taxes took effect, they are now admitting Republicans were right," Daudt, R-Crown, said in a statement Thursday. "Republicans agree that Democrats’ tax increases hurt Minnesota families and farmers and they should be repealed.  By using Special Session to fix their mistakes, consider this a ‘Do-Over’ Session for Democrats.”

Senate Minority Leader David Hann said repeal of the equipment tax "Is critical." But he is also pushing for a repeal of the new warehouse tax, which he said will prompt businesses to move their warehousing operations out of the state.

"We are glad you're willing to work in a bipartisan way to repeal the tax increases, which are obstacles to a healthier economy," Hann, R-Eden Prairie, said in a statement. "Republicans are ready to work together to fix the mistakes Democrats made in the last session and provide needed disaster relief funds."

Rep. Pat Garofalo, R-Farmington, called the decision to repeal the tax a sign that "even a broken clock is right twice a day."
"We shouldn't stop there -- I urge Governor Dayton and legislative Democrats to correct some of the other mistakes from this session and repeal the warehousing tax, the forced unionization of childcare providers, and the $90 million dollar Taj-Mah Senate building," Garofalo said in a statement.  "In addition to critical flood relief, it's time to relieve Minnesotans from the damage Democrats have done to our state this past session."

Former House speaker and current GOP gubernatorial candidate Rep. Kurt Zellers issued a joint statement with state Rep. Tim Kelly, R-Red Wing, calling for a repeal of the state's new warehouse tax as well.

"While it's good news that Governor Dayton now recognizes the farm equipment sales tax he signed into law in May is a bad idea, we shouldn't stop there," Zellers, R-Maple Grove, said in the statement. "The warehousing tax passed at the same time is hurting small businesses and jobs right now."

Statement from Hann and Daudt:

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