Treats and repetition have delightful results:

That's from BuzzFeed, with the attribution "" Seems a bit vague. to their credit, they have the original YouTuvbe video from which it's taken. But llet's have more fun with attribution, shall we? Buzzfeed has a new BuzzFeed Gif Feed, presented by Google + GIF Feed. Click on the link and you go here, where you see the worst logo rolled out this week:

As they would say, what is this I don't even Now let's click on a link. You get a pop-up window, the name, sharing buttons, and a source. You think: how about that? They're finally getting serious about meticulously sourcing things. But it's a source to a BuzzFeed story. Cick on that, and the GIF is now credited to, which is like crediting a book's existence to its location in a library.

From Giphy to MTV, which credits them back to RealityTVGifs, where the trail stops. (Language warning on that last one.)  It can be difficult to trace the source back, but what they've done here is define "source" as "where we used this thing we got somewhere eise."

Here's an idea: make your own damned GIFs and run nothing but. Or would that tax the skills of the people who write "17 Ways You Know People Are Judging Your Feet"?

In related news, from the Daily Dot: "Four Amazing BussFeed Lists that are full of blatant lies." Only four? Actually, it's a link to some stories that reinforce the author's assertion: the best parody of BuzzFeed is often done by BuzzFeed itself. Intentionally, which is even better. 

MY EYES Stumbled across a new news site today. Ugliest piece of modern web design I've ever seen. Ready? Here.

MY EARS Here's a Comedy Central bit from the other night, building on Jon Stewart's philippic on the virtues of New York pizza. It seems to find virtue in the idea of New Yorkers as proudly unpleasant people. I guess they don't like Chicago-style, because you can't fold it up and eat it, which is like saying steak is annoying because you can't put a T-bone all the way in your mouth. There are times you want thin; there are times you want deep.If you want something cooked an hour ago, sitting out and congealing in the counter, reheated when you order it, New York's your place/ If you wan a fresh-baked Geno's with chunky tomatoes and a corn-meal crust and those slabs of home-made sausage, go to Chicago. If you like sauce - the true soul of a pizza - you can lift up that New York slice and use a magnifying glass to prove there is indeed a smear of red between the cheese and the crust, which, by the way, has the consistency of a record-album cover in a thrift-store bin. I don't know why New Yorkers pick this issue to fight about. if they like their pizza, fine; just don't expect everyone else to fall over because it's what you're used to it and it comes from NEW YORK. I've had better in Fargo.

Bonus points for Steve Buscemi, though.

Geno's. Ahhhhhhh.

BLACK FRIDAY Far be it from me to judge other people's Holiday tradition, but this one just doesn't have that nice cozy feeling you get when you think "Thanksgiving with the folks."

A week and a half before ‘Black Friday‘ and campers are already lining up outside the Best Buy on Howe Road to get their hands on the best of the bargains. [snip] Both have friends and family who take turns staying there in shifts, including Tony’s parents.

“He had to go take a shower so we’re here filling in for him until he gets back,” said his mother Janet Regic, who cooks for her son, and actually waited in line last year in a wheelchair.

“I wanted to stop three or four years ago, and my kids make me do it because they like coming down. We usually have Thanksgiving dinner brought to the tent, so we’ll have a full spread in the tent, and it’s kind of my time with them,” said Avitar.

The campers said they already know what bargains they hope to get including tablets, laptops, and big screen television sets.

As the article notes, BestBuy has not yet announced what they will sell, or at what price.

VIDEO Texting and driving: dumb. Texting and BUS driving: an entirely different level of stupid.

PS If I said that women were over-represented in social media and this led to language that was more emotional and less precise, I would expect some excoriation. But that's what this author says - in defense of the proposition that women were over-represented in social media and this led to language that was more emotional and less precise. Orwell is even pressed into service, even though he demonstrated in "1984" how the elimination of words and linguistic precision results in the inability to conceive the ideas they describe. But I guess it's okay because Orwell. Yes, laungage changes, but it's unwise to mistake diminution for improvement.