Matters of life and death and freedom of choice are daily concerns in this French drama (★★ 1/2, unrated, in French with English subtitles). The office is a bustling family planning clinic. Writer/director Claire Simon works in a polished docudrama style, with the caring professional staff, played by a gallery of film actresses (including Nathalie Baye and Beatrice Dalle), and their clients, solidly portrayed by nonprofessionals. The drop-ins range from formidably chic teens seeking contraceptive information to a glamorous grandmother who's as fertile as the Nile Delta.

Their intake interviews cover concerns as diverse as Internet malarkey about the RU-486 pill to the reality of virgin conception. The film, having its U.S. premiere here Saturday, is a colorful if loosely stitched patchwork, factually informative without pedantry. We don't delve deeply into any individual character's life, but we glimpse dozens. (7:30 p.m. Sat., Walker Art Center, 1750 Hennepin Av. S., Mpls. $6-$8. 612-375-7600 or