When he’s not screaming in ALL-CAPS and swearing about the Vikings — things we also love about him — Drew Magary is evolving into one of our nation’s finest social critics.

We implore you to read his piece on how competition — or, more aptly, our warped definition of it — is ruining us and our children.

A main takeaway:

I’m never gonna discount how awesome winning feels, even when it involves me crushing my kid at foosball. But winning is best viewed not as a goal, but as the fortunate byproduct of chasing another, more realistic goal—the satisfaction of hard work done well. Enslaving yourself to the almighty W makes you stupid; it deforms you, robs you of your creativity, as you pursue some agreed-upon idea of excellence instead of doing the worthwhile job of defining it for yourself


Here is the link to his piece as well as a follow-up piece from a recent graduate of a prestigious high school at which seven students have committed suicide in the past three years.

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