Now that summer is underway, the weeds are getting thick. There are a ton of different ways to catch bass in the summer, but casting to heavy vegetation is my favorite.

First of all, you need the right tackle. My favorite bait to use in slop is a Scum Frog, made by Southern Lure Co. This plastic floating frog imitation is completely weedless and can be fished in the heaviest weeds. Next you need the right rod and reel. A stout rod like a 7'6" medium-heavy or heavy baitcasting rod, with a reel that has a very strong drag to muscle fish out of heavy cover, is a good combo. Line is also very important, 30- to 50-pound braid is a must to haul the fish and the weeds they bring with them.

A long cast is very important, as a lot of your strikes will come during the first 20 feet of you retrieve. When looking for spots to cast, look for patches of lily pads, duck weed and emergent grass and cabbage. This kind of vegetation is usually found in less than 6 feet of water. Work your frog with short twitches intermittently mixed with pauses to imitate a swimming frog.

Also, remember to fully charge your trolling motor batteries as you will need the extra power to pull your boat through the thick stuff.

So go find a bay full of weeds and try throwing a plastic frog. Just be ready for some explosive strikes.

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