Aaron and John talk about the Kendrys Morales signing, Josmil Pinto's future being in flux, John's amazing dance moves at the KFAN party, Jason Kubel being let go, Nick Gordon and the Twins' draft picks, when to cut bait on Kevin Correia, trolling the Joe Mauer waters, wedding dock collapses, mailbag questions from listeners, and when not to get married for money. You can listen by downloading us from iTunes, Stitcher or find it at GleemanAndTheGeek.com.    


It was an enormous weekend at TwinsDaily.com:

  1. News broke about the Kendrys Morales signing and immediately, comments started flowing in. We're up to 200 now. 
  2. The Twins had a press conference to talk about the Morales signing and we posted the video
  3. OH, YEAH, there was also this thing called THE MLB DRAFT. Seth wrote up a story about just how good the Twins 1st pick could be. Meanwhile, their 2nd pick is throwing 103 mph. Then they accumulated a bunch of power arms with their Day 2 picks. Finally, their Day 3 picks including brining a Minnesotan back home and an intruiging high school outfielder in the 15th round. 
  4. And I'm saving the best for last. Twins minor leaguer AJ Pettersen wrote a story filled with grace and gratitude about a very tough subject - facing the end his professional baseball playing career.