Their tweets may not be quite as entertaining as those by Chicago White Sox skipper @OzzieGuillen but Denard Span, Orlando Hudson, Pat Neshek, and Joe Nathan are touching base with Minnesota Twins fans, and each other, via Twitter.

@JustinMorneau's fan club has a crap load of followers reading the Canadian Crusher-related comments on the social networking site --10,518 folks and counting -- which is almost as many as the team's spankin' new second baseman and notorious chatterbox, @OrlandoHudson has combined with reliever @PatNeshek (who we're all very excited is healthy again, right?)

While O-Dog has apparently gotten Span to work out with him at the crack of dawn for a second time now, Nathan announced this weekend that he bowled a 299 for a charity event and still lost.

I knew you guys were just dying for some breaking news.

But seriously, what's up with Denard?  Twins Twitter Territory!  You are slacking big time, my friends.  Denard is Spantastic and so are his tweets, yet he only has like 3,700 followers.  He's pretty great about replying to fans' questions too (much like one of the most fan-friendly players ever) and he seems to keep his page up to date with some interesting stuff like... how much he dislikes curling?

Hopefully Morneau's Canadian fan club pals don't catch wind of that one.

In any case, if you have a Twitter account, I recommend you follow @thisisdspan and the other guys I just mentioned too, of course.  But follow Denard for sure.  If you don't have an account, just sign up already.  It takes like two seconds and the grand kids will be super impressed.  And while you're at it, you and I can certainly follow each other as well.  I'd like that very much.

And then you can run into more Twins fans here.

Also, this is a pretty fun way to waste a whole lot of time.

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