Marney Gellner, a popular host and sideline reporter for FSN North, will switch from full time to part time this July.

Gellner and her husband welcomed their first child, Grady Lyle, on March 25. She returned from maternity leave Wednesday but has decided to cut back on her work schedule.

"This is her decision," said Jeff Byle, executive producer at FSN North. "It's all very positive, we support her 100 percent and she'll continue to be on our air. Her duties won't change but she won't be on as frequently."

Said Gellner: "The job just requires so many nights and weekends and I want to be at home and spend those nights and weekends with my husband and little baby boy when I can. It's not that I can't work a 40-hour week but it's hard to work those hours with a new baby."

FSN North execs do plan to hire another reporter to assume some of Gellner's former duties. Gellner, who along with Anthony LaPanta and Telly Hughes are the primary hosts and reporters for the network, has worked a variety of events for FSN, including the Twins, Wild and Timberwolves.