The UN is on the case:

Oscar winner Geena Davis hit out at Hollywood stereotyping as she joined stars, royalty and politicians at the launch of the UN's new super agency for women.


Davis, fellow Academy winner Nicole Kidman and Spain's Princess Cristina demanded greater efforts for equality as they on Thursday welcomed the creation of UN Women.

The irony of being lectured on equality by a princess is just perfect, isn’t it.

Davis, who won an Oscar in 2004 for her role in "The Accidental Tourist" and played the role of the US president in the television series "Commander in Chief" has set up her own institute to bolster the number of women in the media and entertainment.


"Gender stereotypes remain deeply entrenched in today's entertainment and there has been no significant progress over the last 20 years," she complained at the gala at the UN headquarters.

How true. If only in the last 20 years someone had made a show about a female President. That would have been progress, no?

Davis said there currently is one female character for every three males in films and TV dramas.


"Our research shows that from 2006 to 2009 not one female character was depicted in family films in the field of science, as a business leader, in the law profession or in politics."


"What message are we sending to girls if there are so few female characters. If the characters are devalued, stereotyped, sidelined or simply not there at all," Davis said.


"And what message are boys taking in about the importance, value and worth of girls."

Now that the UN is on the case I’m sure we’ll see those numbers turn right around. But a reminder: Hollywood is all about money, usually extracted from the pockets of young males who want to see explosions and boobs. Avatar made a billion dollars. “Eat Pray Love” made $80 million. When “Eat Pray Love” makes a billion dollars then there will be many more movies with female characters. Like a hard-edged, brilliant scientist who goes to another planet! Sigourney Weaver could play that one.

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