SEATTLE - Twins manager Ron Gardenhire on Tuesday acknowledged that it was a veteran player who was upset with a younger player that led to yelling in the clubhouse after Monday's 5-2 loss to the Mariners.

Gardenhire wouldn't name names, but it's not hard to narrow the list down, given that Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer carry the most clout in the clubhouse.

"We haven't had this many people at one time in a while trying to figure a lot of things out, and it happens," Gardenhire said. "You lose sight of the team concept, and it becomes an individual thing, 'I got my hit' thing, and that is what you are fighting more than anything else."

When asked if a veteran should be listened to even if he is scuffling, Gardenhire said: "Maybe that's a problem out there, you understand that part of it? Maybe you and I might. Maybe some people out there don't get it."

Gardenhire was pleased to see veteran players take control of issues within the clubhouse. Last week, he said veterans needed to step up during these trying times.

Denard Span hoped the issues addressed Monday are cleared up so the team can move forward. "It is like when you are fighting your younger brother or older brother and you can't stand them," he said, "but the next day you look at them and you give each other a hug and a kiss. You feel a lot better than you did the day before."

The yelling is a sign that chemistry is becoming an issue, but Span hopes the team emerges more focused.

"We have to pull together," he said. "The other teams are kicking the crap out of us, so we have to stay together."