A man identified in police reports and court documents as a "confirmed Selby Sider gang member" pleaded guilty Friday to unintentional felony murder in the Dec. 7 death of Dwight (White White) Tate.

Tate, 24, was shot in the stomach and hit by a van in the parking lot of an apartment building on St. Paul's East Side.

Rashad Lamont Burch, 25, will be sentenced April 13 by Ramsey County District Judge John Guthmann. The plea agreement calls for a sentence of at least 18 years.

According to the complaint, Burch had a grudge against Tate and was carrying a gun the night he drove to an apartment on the 1600 block of E. Maryland Avenue. In the parking lot, a group of women were feuding.

Burch walked up to a van parked near the women's squabble, pulled out a silver handgun and told Tate, who was in the van's passenger seat, "White White, you know what time it is."

The van driver panicked and put the van in reverse as shots rang out. The van hit a fence, Tate fell into the parking lot and was hit by the van. Burch then stood over him and fired again, the complaint said.