Must be boring to wake up every day knowing it's going to be either 70 or 71 with no humidity.

Do SoCal residents ever cuss, or are they always too relaxed?

A couple of thoughts to start the day as the Twins prepare to play the Angels in Game 3:

-Billy Payne is a pompous ass. Tiger shows up, apologizes, faces questions and prepares to land the Masters the highest ratings in the history of the tournament, and Payne waits a couple of days and does his Miss Manners routine.

His premise was that Woods let down all of those who idolized him.

My point all along has been, anyone who views pro athletes as something more than people who are really good at their jobs is making a mistake. Assuming any human is exemplarey just because they possess extraordinary skills is foolish. This isn't a comic book, this is real life, where everyone has flaws.

Payne exposed himself as a self-important moralist. I hope it rains on his tournament all week.

-Gophers forward Paul Carter is transferring from the U to be closer to his sister, who has cancer.

I can't say I know Carter well, but the times I interviewed him, I found him to be a compelling and endearing figure, a guy who, because of family issues and Katrina, wound up moving all over the country trying to land in the right place.

I also liked watching him play. He was intense, versatile and unselfish. Best wishes, Paul.

-Of course, it would be a cheap shot to say that Carter is just going to transter so he can be with Tubby Smith when Smith takes his new job.

-JoeC and I will be blogging and tweeting (will never get used to that verb) from Angels Stadium tonight, and will probably shoot another video after the game. You can follow me on Twitter at Souhanstrib.

-I'll be on WJON in St. Cloud at 7:15 am, and on am-1500 at 7:45 am the next two mornings.

-This isn't news, but Joe Mauer has got to have the prettiest swing in baseball. The swing that produced his homer last night was textbook.

-The Japanese media contingent that covered Hideki Matsui in New York has shifted west. I find it hard some days to find an interesting angle when I have 25 players, a front office and a manager to cover; what must it be like to cover one guy?

-Torii Hunter looks like a legitimate No. 3 hitter for a contender these days. Remember when he didn't look like he could hold down the No. 5 hole for the Twins?

The guy keeps getting better, a testament to his work ethic and ambition.

-I'll blog later, probably after the game.

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