Plains hog-nosed Snakes to the prairies at Crow-Hassan Park Reserve

44 minutes ago
Three Rivers Park District has been restoring wildlife habitat in its parks for 50 years. The Park District has successfully reintroduced a number of wildlife species over the years, including Trumpeter Swans, Osprey, Bullsnakes, and Spring Peepers. The Park District's newest reintroduction project is bringing Plains Hog-nosed Snakes to the prairies at Crow-Hassan Park Reserve, Rogers. Plains Hog-nosed Snakes are medium sized with an average size of two feet long. Females are normally larger than males. Their color is brown/gray with dark blotches. The nose is turned up and has the appearance of a hogÕs nose. They are a secretive snake that spends most of its time underground or under the grass.

Twins 3, Texas 2

Brian Dozier's bases-clearing double in the fifth inning lifted the Twins over the Rangers in Arlington, Texas, on Monday.