Orlando, Vegas, Cancun and Paris: Here we come. A Travel Leaders survey confirmed what I already know, that Minnesotans are fun-loving and urbane.

The Plymouth-based company asked its Minnesota travel agents, part of a vast national network, for the top travel picks of their customers. Orlando led the list of Minnesota's most popular domestic destinations, followed by Las Vegas, Maui, San Francisco and New York City. The most frequently booked international spot is Cancun, followed by Paris, the Caribbean (via cruise ship), Mexico's Riviera Maya and London.

What difference there is between Minnesotans and people across the nation likely reflects our flight options. San Francisco didn't make the top five destinations nationally. Sun Country flies there, which could explain why we go so often: Cheaper airline tickets and a direct flight make a trip enticing. Likewise, Paris is the No. 2 international spot for Minnesotans, but it doesn't merit a mention on the national list, where Rome rates high. Delta flies direct to the City of Lights. For us, there's no getting to Rome without a pit stop somewhere.

By the way, the survey also asked agents why clients should not wait to book their spring break travel. The answer: reduced airline seating capacity, locking in a price, and reduced ability to fly nonstop. The agents also recommend spots to go beyond our usual faves. Jamaica and the Dominican Republic made that list.

How's that for inspiration? There's no better way to spend one school break than to plan for another.

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