Two friends of Brok Junkermeier, the 19-year-old on trial for allegedly killing Lila Warwick, testified Monday that he confessed to the crime shortly afterward.

Morgan Hoffer, 20, told jurors that Junkermeier stopped by the gas station where he worked and gave graphic details about killing 79-year-old Warwick. Junkermeier faces first-degree murder charges for allegedly carrying out the July ambush robbery and attack prosecutors say he planned with Warwick’s grandson, Robert Inocencio Warwick, 18.

"After a few minutes of kinda saying he didn’t do it, he started confessing," Hoffer said of Junkermeier. "He basically just told me what had happened."

The description he heard was similar to one recounted Monday by another friend and witness, Tyler Stegeman, 18, who testified that Junkermeier told him by phone about the crime. Stegeman said that Junkermeier told him "that he killed her, strangled her, stomped on her, stabbed her."

Hoffer secretly recorded his conversation with Junkermeier. Three short recordings were played for jurors Monday. Much of the recording was muffled, but jurors got a transcript prepared by prosecutors.

Robert Plesha, an assistant attorney general, asked Hoffer whether Junkermeier appeared "remorseful in any respect." No, Hoffer replied.

"How did he appear to you?" Plesha asked.

"Excited I guess," Hoffer said. "Proud almost."