If you know us at all, you know we love breakfast. We've posted about go-to spots for breakfast in the past. Today -- the Friday of MEA week, when our large blog-reading teacher constituency has headed for meetings a four-day weekend -- we offer a different post: the go-to breakfast that YOU MAKE YOURSELF.

Personally, we have two variations: healthy (above -- Dannon vanilla yogurt, raspberries, a cut up banana and Cascadian Farm granola, and yes the brands matter) and not-as-healthy (below). We enjoyed the healthy version today. The main drawback to the healthy version is that it is also the pug's go-to breakfast when it comes to trying to steal a taste.

For a less-health breakfast, we require a few things: eggs, potatoes, some sort of meat and some sort of heat. The concoction below is a perfect example: three eggs, spicy Cajun chicken sausage, red potatoes, green peppers, jalapenos and Frank's hot sauce, along with an English muffin.

Now that you are sufficiently hungry and thinking about food, we want to hear about your go-to homemade breakfast. And don't tell us you hate breakfast. Because that would send us into a hate-filled rage.


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