Trevor Plouffe isn't being asked to do the impossible with the Twins. But if recent history is an indicator, he auditioning for the improbable. Jason Bartlett started 135 games at shortstop in 2007. When he was traded along with Matt Garza that offseason, it started a revolving door at the position that has never ceased. Here are the players who have started at shortstop and the number of games per year since:

2011: Alexi Casilla 21, Matt Tolbert 8 (through 29 games)

2010: J.J. Hardy 95, Nick Punto 31, Alexi Casilla 20, Brendan Harris 9, Trevor Plouffe 7

2009: Orlando Cabrera 57, Nick Punto 56, Brendan Harris 50

2008: Nick Punto 60, Brendan Harris 51, Adam Everett 41, Matt Tolbert 10, Alexi Casilla 1

That's about as unsettled as you can get at one of baseball's most important positions. In two of the years, three different players started at least 40 games at shortstop. Last year, five guys had a decent crack at the position. This year the Twins have already given up on the starter (Casilla) and decided his backup isn't worth full-time work (Tolbert).

Plouffe is next in line (again) to claim his stake, much in the way Danny Valencia locked down third base last year. If you are skeptical based on recent history and/or Plouffe's skill set, we don't blame you.

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