This might seem like an overly pessimistic way to start a Friday, but still: the time is right for a look at the five Twins players who have been most disappointing in 2011. Here we go, in reverse order (5-to-1):

*Matt Capps: He's been better lately since being removed from the closer role, but his seven blown saves -- many in potential swing games and in spectacular fashion -- left a huge impression on this season.

*Joe Mauer: Another player who has been better as of late, Mauer's hot July has him approaching .300 for the season. But he's still not driving the ball with authority often enough, and the two months he missed still remain a sore spot with many.

*Delmon Young: His two homers Wednesday doubled his 2011 total. We're back to the sporadic Delmon of 2008-09, which hasn't been easy to hide on this year's offensively challenged team. And that doesn't even speak to the defense ...

*Francisco Liriano: During the offseason, we were off the strong mind that trading Liriano at high value was a smart move. The thought was that for some reason, we just didn't trust him. Unfortunately for the Twins, our instincts about Liriano are playing out this year. He's been all over the map. You have no idea what you will get from him from one start, one inning, even one pitch to the next. That's not an ace-in-waiting. That's a major problem.

*Tsuyoshi Nishioka: Unfair to put Nishi in the No. 1 spot? Sorry, but it's time. We wanted him to succeed. We wanted him to lock down a critical spot in the middle of the infield for multiple years. And we certainly gave him a chance as we approach two months since his return from injury. But right now we just don't see an MLB-caliber hitter or arm.

Plenty of other players were candidates. Your thoughts, as usual, in the comments.

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