We have a very important follow-up via Clarence Swamptown after Stu's hard-hitting investigation of Aaron Rodgers' height yesterday.

Writes Clarence:

I did a little investigative research on the Green Bay Packers’ backup quarterback Graham Harrell. Here is a link to his player profile at Texas Tech. It clearly lists him as 6’3” tall:


Now, here is a link to Graham Harrell’s player profile on the Green Bay Packers’ website:


The Green Bay Packers list Graham Harrell as 6’2” tall, THE SAME EXACT HEIGHT AS AARON RODGERS. Funny. Where did that inch go? Did it magically disappear? I say the answer is clear.

Clarence had some specific theories about where the inch went, and they are not fit for print.

But he might be onto something. Does every Packers QB of recent vintage have to measure in at 6-2 just to placate the height-sensitive Rodgers?

When pictured side-by-side as they are in that AP photo from the preseason, is Harrell instructed to slouch slightly while Rodgers rises up straight and tall, creating some sort of illusion?

We will continue to monitor the situation.

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