In the business these days, we call this "crowd-sourcing," which is a tidy way of describing something between "we value your opinion because good ideas come from everywhere" and "hey, why don't you do our job for us."

Here's the deal: We're conceiving of a small project that looks back at pivotal moments in Minnesota sports history, changes the outcome, and then projects forward to present day (if applicable to go all the way to present day) everything that we believe would be different if that one pivotal moment was changed.

As in: What if Gary Anderson had made that kick ... or what if the Twins had drafted Mark Prior instead of Joe Mauer ... or what if the Gophers hockey team had lost the 2002 NCAA title game.

Obviously a lot of what would have happened is speculative. But that's so much of the fun.

We feel like we have a pretty solid list going already. That said, we are always wary of overlooking something either obvious or filled with truly great possibilities. If you would be so kind, then, give it your best shot in the comments. We like the potential of this, and we want to make sure we do it right.

Also a programming note: Next week is the annual Great Baseball Road Trip (GBRT). This year's trek is entirely made up of minor league games in North Carolina. Because we just didn't get enough soupy weather here the past few days. We will still be posting, but just once a day. Unlike years past, we might try a more long-form, philosophical approach instead of just daily recaps. It kind of depends on inspiration/time. Regardless, we will make every effort to make it worth your time.

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