With a lot of sports converging right now, let's take a minute and try to guess at some numbers. As always, these are intended for entertainment purposes only. We're setting the line. You guess over or under (or right on) that total in the comments.

Over-under lines:

Wolves victories: 24.

Wild victories: 30

Gophers men's BB victories: 24.

Vikings regular season victories: 13.

Duration of contract extension for Joe Mauer with Twins: 6 years.

Monetary value of contract extension for Mauer: $130 million.

Number of other impact players added to Twins via trade or free agency: 2.

Twins' 2010 opening day payroll: $88 million.

WCHA finish for Gophers men's hockey: 5th.


Also: We've been kicking around some ideas for other regular features to go along with Weekend Links, Hunt Downs, Commenter Talkers and Commenter Of the Week. If you have any thoughts, please let us know.

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