They say there's a sucker born every minute, and someone on eBay is surely hoping that's true. Why else would they be offering up two great seats to the Cowboys vs. Vikings game tonight for the low, BUY IT NOW price of $299? Ah, but perhaps the saying isn't true. As of now, there are no bids. Our faith in humanity, at least temporarily, has been restored.

Truth be told, tickets to tonight's game probably aren't worth $2.99. OK, or at least $29.99. It is the fourth preseason game -- the one nobody wants to watch, few players care to play in (except those battling for reserve roles) and coaches wish they could just fast-forward through injury-free.

Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to expand the regular season to 17 or 18 games, thus getting rid of at least one of the preseason games. While that idea will likely face some hurdles, we are at least for now stuck with games like the one we have tonight.

The question: Are you enough of a die-hard or someone who enjoys the little positional battles to watch this game on TV? Or will you just fast-forward, like coaches wish they could, to the regular-season opener a week from Sunday?

(Or are you the sucker who will buy tickets for $299?)

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