As Michael Jackson might have said in “Billy Jean,” L'enfant n'est pas le mien. Meet Michel Polnareff, whose photo on the right - with the caption "I'm going to be a papa!" - makes him look like a Gallic version of David Lee Roth. The story’s headline says “French pop star announces baby not his on Facebook.” So whose baby is it on Facebook?
A 66-year-old French pop star who delivered his first child with his 27-year-old partner unaided at home in December announced on social networking site Facebook on Tuesday that the child was not his.

Michel Polnareff, a singer noted for his striking curly mop of blond hair and big white sunglasses, said that his partner had admitted he was not the father of her son Volodia, who was born at their home in Los Angeles on December 28.

"It is with immense sadness that I must announce that the baby is not mine. Faced with my insistence on a DNA test, Danyellah told me the truth which the test confirmed," Polnareff wrote.

 "I'm sorry that we have to share this enormous heartache and this terrible disappointment," wrote the singer, who is a prolific user of Facebook and Twitter to address his fans.

Actually, you don’t have to share. That’s the strange thing about the internet. It seems like you should, or must share, but you really don’t.

A video from the Miami Vice era of French pop music. Note how he’s walking around the street as he’s singing about the street, but he’s still carrying a microphone. Why? Because there’s a twist surprise at :29 or so! (Note: it'll embed, but not play, because it has content from UMG. Fine. Be that way. Click on it, and you'll head to YouTube. It's worth it just to see how 80s styles made it across the Atlantic, and how imitating a car horn in your song always makes you look silly.)


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