Signs introduce free Wi-Fi service at MSP



Travelers passing through Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport can connect to the Internet without having to pay, but there is a catch. They'll have to watch a short advertisement and take a survey to do so.

After booting up their laptops, tablets or Smartphones and watching the ad and completing the survey, travelers will get 45 minutes to surf away their layover or while away their pre-flight wait.

"Free Wi-Fi has topped the wish lists of travelers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for some time, and we are pleased to be able to provide that service," said Jeff Hamiel, CEO and executive director of the Metropolitan Airports Commission, the agency which owns and operates the airport.

Those who need or want more than 45 minutes can watch additional ads and fill out more surveys to get more time. There is no limit to the number of free sessions.

A premium service for $2.95 for a 24-hour use is available for those who want an uninterupted session with greater bandwith at four times the speed of the complimentary service.

Prior to this week's launch, travelers had to pay $7.95 to access the public Wi-Fi at MSP.

Advanced WIreless Group is providing the service, and is upgrading existing equipment and adding new access points throughout the 2 million square feet of public space in the terminals.

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