(Photo by Renee Jones Schneider)

(Photo by Renee Jone Schneider)

Much has changed in Isabelle Jessich's life since I first wrote about her one year ago. Back then, she was forced to live in a nursing home, even though her doctor said she was ready to move back home,  because of disagreements with her court-appointed guardian and conservator. The state investigated, faulted the nursing home for failing to release Jessich and in December, she was reunited with her 17-year-old daughter at their Edina home.


On Friday, I reported that Hennepin District Judge Jay Quam terminated the guardianship - meaning Jessich can now make decisions about her living arrangements, health care and travel. Management of her money remains the province of Joseph Vogel, her conservator, who has asked Quam to let him sell Jessich's house to pay his own bills and those of seven lawyers. Quam said he would rule by late August ,and Whistleblower will be there to tell you what's next.

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