Since being named the Vikings coach on Jan. 3, Leslie Frazier has spent much of his time looking to put together his coaching staff. This has meant he has been available to do only limited interviews.

However, he did talk to the folks from "Vikings Weekly" recently because that show is produced by the team. Frazier had some interesting comments on his philosophy when it comes to the quarterback position. The Vikings, of course, will be looking to fill that spot this offseason, although there is a chance Joe Webb could be in the mix.

Here's what Frazier said in an interview with host Ann Carroll.

Q. When it comes to a young quarterback what is your philosophy. Do you throw him in or do you let him learn from a veteran?

A. "It depends on who he is. You take a look at a guy like Joe Flacco, those guys jump in right away and were very successful. So if you get that type of quarterback then maybe you start him early. But if you think he needs a little grooming, he needs to sit back and watch things happen, then you go with a veteran guy."

Q. So you would say that it just depends on the guy?

A. "It depends on who he is and what you think [of] where he is from a maturity standpoint and how well he has progressed through your training camp. Then you have to make that decision."

Q. When you're evaluating a young quarterback what's more important, mental makeup or physical tools?

A. "That mental is very, very important. This league is so, so tough on a quarterback. All the different looks you get, the responsibility that you have. So you'd like to, obviously, have the combination of the two. But if you could give me one, I'd take the mental."

Q. What's the approach with Joe Webb going forward?

A. "Joe showed so much poise in those last two or three games that he played in. He did a good job for us. Didn't turn the ball over very much. Showed great poise and good leadership as well. I'm optimistic that he can play the quarterback position and  we're going to give him a shot at it when we get back to OTAs and training camp just to see if he can continue to progress."

Q. Do you see him doing anything else?

A. "Yeah, he has the ability to be able to play wide receiver, can line up in the backfield, he can run options. There are a myriad of things you can do with Joe. He's a special talent."

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