I have no idea how successful Leslie Frazier will be as a head coach in the NFL. One thing I do know is the man is a class act. This was my belief from the first time I sat down with Frazier to do a feature story about him shortly after he took over as the Vikings defensive coordinator in 2007.

Frazier comes off as a caring person, who thinks carefully about his answers and how what he says might impact those around him.

But this doesn't mean Frazier is a pushover who is incapable of making tough decisions. Right now, Frazier is faced with making some very difficult choices that are going to alter the lives of men he has known for a few years. He already released quarterbacks coach Kevin Rogers and offensive line coaches Pat Morris and Jim Hueber this week and now it appears as if offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell is being left to twist in the wind with the Vikings expected to interview former Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels today.

Bevell is technically still the offensive coordinator but McDaniels could wind up in that position.

If McDaniels gets the job -- it's tough to say what he will command when it comes to salary, if he will want to explore other offers or if Frazier will think he's a good fit -- it's possible Bevell could be asked to become the quarterbacks coach. That would still mean Bevell would have to swallow his pride a bit and take a reduction in pay.

This can't be an easy situation for anyone at Winter Park.

Frazier and Bevell were both coordinators until Brad Childress was fired on Nov. 22 and Frazier certainly realizes Bevell is in a tough situation. For that matter, so is special teams coordinator Brian Murphy, who also is believed to be in the wait-and-see mode that Bevell finds himself in right now.

Ideally, Frazier would love to keep this out of the news until everything is said and done but he's a very smart guy and knows in 2011 that's simply not possible.

No matter how difficult the situation might be for some, Frazier realizes that he has to do what he thinks is best for the Vikings going forward and that if he avoids trying to ruffle feathers the end result won't be what he wants.


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