Lending the heft of a U.S. Senate spouse, Franni Franken sent out a money appeal Thursday for Minnesota State Sen. Tarryl Clark, one of two DFLers contending to challenge Republican Michele Bachmann.

In an e-mail, Franken, the wife of freshman U.S. Sen. Al Franken, expresses shock at hearing Bachmann talk about creating individual retirement accounts under Social Security, an idea that some thought had died under the Bush Administration.
Bachmann, vowing to “keep the faith” with seniors, suggested that future retirees be “weaned off” the current Social Security and Medicare systems, which are headed for insolvency.
Franni Franken, like much of the DFL camp, insists that “Bachmann suggested that Minnesota seniors be ‘weaned off’ Social Security and Medicare.”
Big difference, but not one that’s likely to get sorted out in a pitch letter for money.
Regardless, Franni Franken makes clear that it’s a personal issue for her. As she did on the campaign trail for her husband, Franni Franken recounts how her father, a World War II veteran, died in a car accident when she was a baby. Her mother raised her and her four brothers and sisters with the help of Social Security survivor benefits.
“The idea that a member of Congress would advocate pulling the safety net out from under seniors and families who depend on it every month is absolutely terrifying to me,” Franni writes.


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