With a Jimmy Kimmel-esque flair, U.S. Sen. Al Franken stepped in front of the camera to read and respond to a series of “mean tweets” to promote presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s campaign. There was also one shot across the bow against a long-canceled FOX sketch comedy show.

The original tweet from Franken was in support of Clinton’s campaign, but many respondents were unenthusiastic about Franken’s endorsement.




Franken defends himself in the video against a handful of the tweets, saying he shares many political goals, such as improving college affordability and raising the minimum wage.

While most of the tweets dealt with issues of policy and support for Bernie Sanders, one enterprising tweet-smith using the name @ByYourLogic fired off with an unambiguous, “mad tv sucked.”


While Franken doesn’t refute his claim, he does explain in the video that he never appeared on Mad TV, but did have a run on Saturday Night Live. He went on to ask viewers to caucus for Clinton on March 1.

Do you agree with Franken’s support for Clinton? Do you Feel the Bern? How do you feel about Mad TV? Check out the video above and discuss below.


Ben Farniok is a University of Minnesota student on assignment for the Star Tribune.