Minnesota chalks up one more in the best-of / worst-of sweepstakes.

Duluth has been dubbed one of the “least romantic cities” in the United States, according to Foursquare.

The findings were based on more than 1.5 billion check-ins over the past year at places deemed romantic by the social network, such as restaurants and flower shops.

The most romantic city? The happiest place in the world, Lake Buena Vista, Fla., otherwise known as home to Walt Disney World. Yep, can’t compete with that.

But with Minnesota used to accolades such as “most hipster state” and the Twin Cities dubbed “most literate,” it smarts to have Minnesota’s fourth-largest city on such an ignominious list.

Don’t the people checking in on Foursquare know how many B&Bs there are in Duluth — you know, inns with tiny soaps resting on the whirlpool in full view of the electric fireplace-- that practically scream “romantic”?

Of course, it isn’t easy competing with Disney World in the winter. Mouse ears versus Elmer Fudd hats. You do the math.

Gene Shaw, director of public relations for Duluth, disputed the least romantic moniker.

“We have a lot of young couples who travel to Duluth in the winter,” he said. “But they’re from Minnesota. They know what to expect.”

Besides, how much stock can you put in a list that has Reston, Va., among its most romantic cities. Seriously?

Romance in the USA
Here are the most and least romantic U.S. cities, according to Foursquare:

Most romantic
1. Lake Buena Vista, Fla.
2. Napa, Calif.
3. Venice, Calif.
4. St. Louis
5. New York City
6. San Francisco
7. Reston, Va.
8. Beverly Hills, Calif.
9. Myrtle Beach, S.C.
10. Key West, Fla.

Least romantic
1. Beaverton, Ore.
2. Bethlehem, Pa.
3. Lawrenceville, Ga.
4. Sterling Heights, Mich.
5. West Chester, Pa.
6. Normal, Ill.
7. Norwalk, Conn.
8. Tustin, Calif.
9. Duluth
10. Waltham, Mass.